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Foreign trade assistant

Job responsibilities:

  1. Open up new customers and overseas markets;

  2. Handle the need and issues of customer order without delay;

  3. Follow up the customers’ use of product and maintain relation with customers.

  4. Find out market trends and report work to the manager on a regular basis.


  1. Major in English, international trade, marketing or education; male or female;

  2. English level: CET 4 or CET 6 or above; can speak fluent English, call foreign customers in English and can have face-to-face English communication without barrier;

  3. Have good ability in communication, coordination and execution; work earnestly, carefully and in a right attitude; have quick response and a strong sense of responsibility;

  4. Have excellent mentality, can endure hardship and hard work, being active and aspirant, can accept challenging business expansion;

  5. Have teamwork spirit;

  6.Have good professional quality and morality.

Domestic lighting salesperson

Job responsibilities:

  1. Maintain the channel for old customers;

  2. Develop new customers and fulfill the sales target;

  3. Render active assistance for finishing work of other departments;


  1. Technical secondary school or above, major in electronics or other related specialties; male or female;

  2. More than two years’ sales experience in lighting; he who has resource of big customers is preferred;

  3. Excellent customer development and management ability, strong communication and coordination ability, good ability in channel development and management and in execution;

  4. Excellent ability in communication, social intercourse and study and good ability in verbal expression;

  5. Capable of using computer, Word, Powerpoint and other general computer software with proficiency;

  6. Full of energy, good physical condition, being highly aspirant, love post and have great dedication to work and a strong sense of responsibility.


  1. Six work days;

  2. Lodging is offered for free;

  3. Insurance will be covered if qualified after the probation period;

  4. Holidays and other welfare.

Development platform:

  1. Our company’s internal training system will help staff to adapt to our corporate culture;

  2. Our company boasts a sound growth mechanism and distinct career prospect: sales engineer for foreign trade - sales elites for foreign trade - sales supervisor for foreign trade - sales manager for foreign trade - deputy general manager for foreign trade - sales director - vice general manager;

  3. Our company offers platform for foreign trade, such as Alibaba, exhibition and database.

  4. Our company adheres to the recruitment principle of “appointing people by abilities; he who is competent will be recruited.”